Goldfields based since 1985

Mine Engineering, Survey & Planning

Mine Surveying

Minecomp has provided a comprehensive range of survey services to the mining industry for over 30 years.  Utilising the latest in survey equipment and software our team of experienced authorised and senior surveyors provide accurate and detailed survey solutions to our clients.  Minecomp are CASA authorised UAV operators able to provide high resolution aerial survey images and data.

Details of some of our services include:Minecomp Mine Surveying


  • Establish Survey Control
  • Detail, Topographical and Contour Surveys
  • UAV (Drone) Survey
  • Drillhole Setout and Pickup
  • Pit Design Setout
  • Blast Design Setout
  • Ore Block Markups
  • Pit Monitor Surveys
  • 3D Modelling
  • Earthworks, Drainage and Road Setouts
  • Annual Clearing Reporting
  • Volumes and Calculations


  • Establish Survey Control, Backs and Wall Stations
  • Laser Control of Mine Design
  • Solids Modelling of Development
  • Void Modelling of Stopes
  • Setout Production Drilling
  • Setout and Control of Diamond Drilling
  • Monthly Pay Measures and Haulage Distances